Good news / bad news

Bad news first: There is an acute shortage of 0.5 mm transparent PETG sheets in the romanian market.

So we have to adapt / improvise and work we what we can find.

Good news: We switched production to another face shield design that can be used with materials that can still be found.

Model we chose is a remix done by Maria Sgîrcea from Timisoara:

This model can be easily printed. 2 pieces in 1h and 41 minutes , 49 grams PLA used .

STL file here:

Or you can download them from here ( there are some moments when thingieverse doesn’t work so well ).

We are gathering the feedback from medics / lab users in here ( romanian version ):

A production guide will be available soon thanks to our friends from FOR and FabLab.

To complete build of this you need the 3d printed part, an A4 transparent sheet ( the one we are using now are:

And some rubber band.

And here is how you assemble them:

Assembly instructions

Here some of our results:

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  1. Apologies for the google doc permissions. We fixed that. If you have problems accessing the doc let us know and we will fix it.

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