Model 3 -Verkstan

This model is the 3rd variation we try to produce and donate.

We tried to find a design that :

  • Can be printed fast
  • Consume as little material as possible
  • Can be used with 0.15 mm transparent sheets ( way more available on market )
  • Very easy to mount
  • transparent sheet to be very easy to be cut / mounted

We chose a model based on the work done by Verkstan (

STL files, 3d print informations:

STL file we use to print ( 2 in one print session): Direct link or you can find stackable ones on Versktan website.

It will take approx 33 grams of PLA to produce 2 pieces. This means that from 1 kg of PLA we can print 60 pieces. Print time: 1h for 2 pieces.

Assembly instructions:

It take like 30 seconds to assemble it and can be done by anyone:

How to make the holes and cut the transparent sheet

You will need 2 hole punch and scissors. ( We have this:–2-hole-25-sheets_50050035/ and a normal scissors).

  1. First you need to set the hole puncher to A6:
  2. Punch holes, turn the sheet on the other side and punch holes
  3. Round the upper corners with scissors
  4. For the lower corners use the below image as reference

How we package them ?

Usually we pack 4 of them in a kit and final assembly is done on site. This saves space and transport fees. We also add a printed paper with instructions, production date and statement that this are donation and not for sale.

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