Installing Ricoh Aficio SG3100SNw in linux

So , you have decided to purchase a Ricoh Aficio SG3100SNw printer. Good. It’s a good choice for small / medium companies. What we like about it is that it comes with wireless interface and that is quite nice . Less cables more fun. I’m not going to get into details on how to unbox it and make the initial setup. I leave that as an exercise for the reader ( it’s not easy but up to a point it’s fun ) .  


The real problems comes when you try to install the printer in Ubuntu. Apparently everything is smooth the drivers are there but when you try to print anything the Leds from printers will blink few times and nothing happens.

The fix comes from support page ( yes we know it’s in Japanese and it’s hard to read ) we are getting there:

First get to the support page :

And search for ubuntu drivers . Eventually you will reach a page where you will find a download pictogram for a deb. In our case is was this page:

Install  the downloaded deb .

Here come another fun part . Try adding the printer but instead of using the recommended version of the driver use: IPSiO SG driver.

After that print a test page and ejnoy your new printer .


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