Upgrading HP c7000 blades

It comes a time when you need to update the ILO firmware / bios rom / OA firmware on a C7000 enclosure.

Best way to do this is like this:

  • Download OA firmware, ILO firmware and rombios ISO image .
  • From the web interface update ILO firmware.
  • Create an ILO user and enable ssh .
  • Activate ILO advanced license
  • Open a terminal and ssh to ilo
  • issue the following command from ilo command line:
vm cdrom insert

vm cdrom connect
power on

  • From web browser open an ilo remote console to server and power it off.
  • After the server gracefully powers off issue a “power on” command from ILO
  • Switch to remote console and complete the update
  • After update is complete issue the following commands from ILO

power off
vm cdrom eject
power on

Enjoy updating.